GooApple V6 iPhone 4S specs, review, price

The GooApple V6 clone for iPhone is powered by Mediatek MT6573 that runs at 650MHz clock speed that is backed by PowerVR SGX 531 GPU. GooApple V6 specs


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Goophone i5 Pro iPhone 5 clone

The Goophone i5 Pro is a dual core iPhone 5 clone that is powered by MediaTek MTK 6577 processor which is backed by PowerVR SGX531 GPU.

Goophone-i5-Pro-Hero-H2000 1

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Thunderbird 4S is best iPhone 4s clone

The Thunderbird 4S is powered by Mediatek MT6575 processor that runs at 1GHz clock speed and is based on ARM V7 processor. The phone weighs just 138 grams and runs Android 2.3 gingerbread operating system. To me, the Thunderbird 4S looks just like iPhone 4S and packs same resolution too – 960 x 640. The Thunderbird 4S price is 219 dollars.


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iPhone 5 clone: Thunderbird i5 Specs, Review, Price

One of the best Apple iPhone 5 clones in the market is the i5 from Thunderbird. It has a quad core Mediatek MT6588 processor that runs at 1.5GHz clock speed that is backed by PowerVR SGX544 GPU. The display resolution of Thunderbird i5 is higher than the iPhone’s retina display packing 1280 x 720 resolution. Thunderbird i5 price is $299.

Thunderbird i5 specs

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Looking for a identity confirmation solution

Working on one of my new projects I faced a problem of user identity confirmation. Traditional login/password combination gives quite relative protection. This combination can be stolen in many ways. For example your younger brother will use your password manager or keylogger will catch combination while you are logging in your Internet banking account.
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