iPhone 4.3.3 Redsnow Jailbreak

Apple has already patched the location vulnerability in the iPhone 4.3.3 firmware. For the jailbreak users, I have two news – one is good news and another is bad news. Good news is that it has already been jailbroken. Bad news is that it is tethered in nature which means that your iPhone will go into tethered state everytime you do a reboot. Still want to jailbreak? Read this guide!

iPhone 4.3.3 Redsnow Jailbreak guide

UPDATE – Untethered iPhone 4.3.3 jailbreak guide is up. Make sure to follow that one instead of this one. Running Mac? Then follow this pwnagetool guide.

Download iPhone 4.3.3 IPSW and iOS 4.3.2 firmware file. Both of these files are required by Redsnow. Download Redsnow (ipaded) from here and start it.

iphone 4.3.3 windows jailbreak

Point it to the iOS 4.3.2 firmware. Select “install cydia” and click on next.

iphone 4.3.3 mac jailbreak

Turn off (completely off) the iPhone and then plug it into the computer. After plugging it in, click on Next. Now you will be told to enter DFU mode. To do that – hold the power button for 1 second and then while holding it, press the home button as well. Then, after few seconds, while holding the home button, release the power button. Installation should begin now.

iphone 4.3.3 jailbreak guide

Let the jailbreak app do the job for you. Once the process has completed, your iPhone will automatically restart into tethered mode. Just select “just boot tethered right now” in redsnow to come out of tethered state. The last step will be required to be followed by you on every reboot.

Note: If your iPhone relies on carrier unlock, you must stay away from RedSnow / Redsn0w and especially this firmware.