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is a site dedicated to cover iPhone jailbreak related news and how-to guides that allows one to easily jailbreak their phones. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to jailbreak your iPhone. The main reason people jailbreak their iPhone is to use it on networks other than Verizon, ATT or T-Mobile.

By jailbreaking, you also gain the ability customize your iPhone by installing myriad themes and applications that Apple would simply not approve. You also get access to custom ringtones that can be installed for free and live wallpapers, something that is not available on Apple phones.

iPhone Semi Tether Jailbreak

This is an app for the jailbreak iPhone and other iOS devices for whom there is no untethered boot option. It lets you to access the stock and non-Cydia applications on your device. In other words, none of your jailbreak related stuff will work on it. It is still great for those who are far away from their computer to perform jailbreak again.

iPhone Semi Tethered Jailbreak

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Android ICS 4.0 Lockscreen on iPhone

Few days back, Apple was granted “slide to unlock” feature patent and Apple iPhone users simply cannot use this feature as Apple does not wants its user to enjoy so much customization. Fortunately, we have an extremely talented jailbreak community that lets you enjoy Android 4.0, also known as, ICS (ice cream sandwich) unlock feature. The jailbreak tweak is called Androidlock and it lets you customize the lock screen of jailbroken iPhone.

Iphone Android ICS 4 0 Lockscreen

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Send SMS Over Wi-Fi

A very interesting jailbreak tweak has popped up over the big boss repository today. The tweak is called WifiSMS and it allows you to Send and receive SMS from your computer over WiFi. This jailbreak tweak requires SBSettings, and it will be installed automatically if you do not already have it on your iPhone.


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Five Icons Hack on iOS 5

While there have been myriad hacks on how to shrink five icons in a single row on iPhone’s screen but all of them were rendered incompatible by the new iOS 5. Fortunately, the developer community is very active and they have come up with an app called Shrink.


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QQ Browser for iPhone, iPad

Other than Opera, there is no non-Apple web browser available on the app store and the ones that are available are based on the safari. Axiomatically, the only way QQ Browser would have made itself available on iPhone and other iOS devices is by Cydia and today it was discovered at the Bigboss repository. So in order to download it, you must jailbreak your iPhone according to the iOS version you are currently running. This web browser has its own rendering engine and takes 15MB on your iOS device when installed. Features:

qqbrowser iphone download

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iPhone User Agent Faker

The Safari web browser on the iPhone always shows itself as a mobile web browser (based on webkit). There is no built in function inside the safari that lets you change the user agent inside the General or Safari’s settings.


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