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My Caze ThinEdge Review for iPhone 4

I have always adored bumper cases as they protect the scratch prone sides of the iPhone 4 and at the same time, do not add much to the thickness of the device. The Mycaze ThinEdge for iPhone 4 is slimmer than the Appleā€™s official bumper case.

iPhone 5 Target Bumper Review

Back when iPhone 5 was released, Target released a clone of the Apple bumper that looks just like the original one. Even the materials and its feel are same. The edges of this bumper case are slightly raised that allow you to lay it face down or up without scratching the front or back of […]

iPhone 5: Elago S5 Bumper Review

Just yesterday, I got the Elago S5 bumper case for my iPhone 5 and its packaging is same as what the company does for rest of its cases. The first thing you will notice about it is the big opening on its bottom and small buttons on the side for adjusting the volume. They are […]

iStabilizer Monopod Review

This is a must have tool for those who love taking pictures on their iPhone. It is basically an aluminum wand that features a mount capable of holding any generation of iPhone (though only the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 are capable of taking decent pictures). This accessory is called the iStabilizer Monopod and […]

iPhone 5 screen manufacture

We have just received a tip that Sony will be one of the manufactures that will be making displays for the next generation of iPhone that will be called iPhone 5. If this news is true, then Sony will be benefitted from it in a big way as Sony has been suffering from losses lately. […]

Call History Delete on iPhone

Ever wanted to delete calls from your iPhone? Here is a jailbreak utility that lets you do just that. This excellent tweak also lets you delete Facetime calls from any iOS device you own, including iPod Touch and iPad.