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is a site dedicated to cover iPhone jailbreak related news and how-to guides that allows one to easily jailbreak their phones. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to jailbreak your iPhone. The main reason people jailbreak their iPhone is to use it on networks other than Verizon, ATT or T-Mobile.

By jailbreaking, you also gain the ability customize your iPhone by installing myriad themes and applications that Apple would simply not approve. You also get access to custom ringtones that can be installed for free and live wallpapers, something that is not available on Apple phones.

Cydia Tweak: Mark All Read, Unread

The default Mail app that comes on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is great but it does not lets you mark all the email as read or unread. It also does not lets you delete / hide or mark all the emails. Fortunately, there is a jailbreak tweak available at Cydia that lets you do exactly that.


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iOS 5 GM Windows Jailbreak with Snowbreeze

If you have installed iOS 5 GM on your iPhone, this jailbreak guide will guide you on how to jailbreak it. If you are a windows user, the most popular jailbreak tool is snowbreeze / sn0wbreeze. The tool supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 but does not supports iPhone 4s.

Ios 5 goldmaster iphone 4 jailbreak

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Download Swype for iPhone

Swype is one of its kind application that allows you to type on your iPhone or iPod Touch without even lifting your finger off the screen. While Swype has been under development from past couple of years, it never made it to the app store as Apple does not allows the software developers to mess around with the default input options. However, it has been released as an iPhone jailbreak tweak. How to download Swype? Follow these instructions:


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Google Maps Speedometer

If you ever wanted to measure the speed at which you are travelling, then you will require this jailbreak tweak called “Speed for Maps”. This little utility allows you to figure out how fast you are travelling in miles or kilo meters per hour or feet per second.


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iPhone iOS 5 Beta 5 Windows, Mac jailbreak

iOS 5 beta 5 was supplied to the developers last week and we have been waiting for its jailbreak since then. Well, with the new version of redsnow, it is again possible to jailbreak once again. However, it is still tethererd in nature, meaning you will have to jailbreak it again in case of soft reset.

Iphone ios 5 beta 5 windows mac guide jailbreak

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iPhone iOS 5 Beta 4 Redsnow Jailbreak

New version of redsnow has been released and guess what, it is perfectly compatible with the just released iOS 5 Beta 4 for iPhone. Redsnow is pretty easy to use and does not requires a great deal of work from the user’s side as it does everything behind the scene.

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