The iPhone Jailbreak Guides

Send SMS Over Wi-Fi

A very interesting jailbreak tweak has popped up over the big boss repository today. The tweak is called WifiSMS and it allows you to Send and receive SMS from your computer over WiFi. This jailbreak tweak requires SBSettings, and it will be installed automatically if you do not already have it on your iPhone.

Five Icons Hack on iOS 5

While there have been myriad hacks on how to shrink five icons in a single row on iPhone’s screen but all of them were rendered incompatible by the new iOS 5. Fortunately, the developer community is very active and they have come up with an app called Shrink.

QQ Browser for iPhone, iPad

Other than Opera, there is no non-Apple web browser available on the app store and the ones that are available are based on the safari. Axiomatically, the only way QQ Browser would have made itself available on iPhone and other iOS devices is by Cydia and today it was discovered at the Bigboss repository. So […]

iPhone User Agent Faker

The Safari web browser on the iPhone always shows itself as a mobile web browser (based on webkit). There is no built in function inside the safari that lets you change the user agent inside the General or Safari’s settings.

Kills Apps in Notification Center

One of the main features of the iOS 5 brought with it is Notification Center which displays useful information to the user without unlocking the screen. Now, with the help of a Cydia tweak, you will be able to kill the running apps as well. This jailbreak tweak is called WeeKillBackground (not we kill background).

iPhone 4 iOS 5 Gevey SIM Unlock

This is a post for the iPhone 4 users that have upgraded to iOS 5 firmware. The iOS 5 firmware kills the previous unlock but the Gevey SIM users can unlock their devices. To unlock your device with Gevey, you have to update the firmware to pre jailbroken firmware in order to preserve the unlocked […]