QQ Browser for iPhone, iPad

Other than Opera, there is no non-Apple web browser available on the app store and the ones that are available are based on the safari. Axiomatically, the only way QQ Browser would have made itself available on iPhone and other iOS devices is by Cydia and today it was discovered at the Bigboss repository. So in order to download it, you must jailbreak your iPhone according to the iOS version you are currently running. This web browser has its own rendering engine and takes 15MB on your iOS device when installed. Features:

qqbrowser iphone download

1. More: Massive high-quality navigation, providing abundant web portals which are the most practical.
2. Fast: The ultimate browsing experience, the fastest access to the Internet.
3. Easy: Convenient interactive operation, easy to use.
4. Save: Through variety of technical means, the flow can be saved up to 90 percent.
5. Comprehensive: Rich feature set, smart read-ahead, upload pictures, bookmarks management, and hundred kinds of functions for you to enjoy.
6. Privilege: Integrating the Tencent resources of advantage business, further with QQ Pass, a key to collect vegetables and dozens of other exclusive privileges.

Search for “QQBrowser” inside cydia to download it. To download iPad version, search for QQBrowser HD.