What are must have accessories for iPhone 6

Congrats on buying the best smartphone in the world, the Apple iPhone 6. Being the most popular smartphone out there, a lot of accessories are available for it. In this article we will help you to find the best and most recommended ones.

What are must have accessories for iPhone 6

Nano SIM adapter – All iPhones after iPhone 4S make use of Nano SIMs which is even smaller than micro SIM. So if you have an iPhone 5, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus, you must get a Nano SIM from your network service provider. However most of the modern phones still use micro SIM slot. Fortunately there is an accessory called Nano SIM adapter http://www.gearbest.com/cases-covers/pp_81590.html that allows you to use nano SIMs in phones that make use of micro SIMs. It costs just $2.03 and works like a charm. In the package, converter for micro to normal SIM size adapter is also included.



Power bank – The battery life of iPhone, to be honest is nothing to write home about. So it is an intelligent move to buy an mobile power bank for it. A $25 power bank can boost your runtime by 10 times.

Tempered glass – It takes around 200 dollars to get the iPhone repaired so you really would not want to break. Consider spending 2-3 dollars on a hardened tempered screen protector to prevent cracking of the display.

A decent case – There are thousands of case manufactures for iPhone. Consider buying that one that protects your phone from all sides. There are iPhone 6 cases to choose from and you can find them on http://www.gearbest.com/.

USB cable – Since iPhone does not uses the standard micro USB port, it makes sense to buy a few USB cables so that you can use any USB port to charge your iPhone. USB cables are used for both syncing and charging.